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If you Side/End Match, Mill, Mould, Tenon, Dovetail, Finger Joint, Extrude, Pultrude, Count, Pattern Match or Generally Inspect the QaX Series LMS is for you.

So what is an QaX Series LMS?

The QaX Series of Lidar Measurement Systems (LMS) provide non-contact high resolution 3D dimensional detail of fast moving profiles. Each unit in the series utilizes ultra-fast image capture paired with micro line Laser Image Dimension And Range (Lidar) interpolation to create a full matrix point cloud of the profile. This point cloud is compared to a teach-in template to measure any deviations that may have occurred. Profile sections outside of the assigned tolerances trigger a first stage output to announce the deviation. Profiles that remain out of tolerance for a defined time/distance trigger a second stage output to initiate operator intervention.

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QaX Systems
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1 - 4 Measurement Head(s)

Each Measurement Head includes:
Ultrafast camera & interface computer card
360° adjustable mount
High resolution lenses
Laser line modules
Adjustable laser mount
Camera & Power cables

Computer w/ Touch Screen

Measurement Software

Pendant mount

UPS & Power Supplies


Measures fast moving profiles

Certification of side, end or face profile

Identifies Void (splits/holes)

Finds snipe / pistol grip

Pattern match / count

Teach functionality

Builds reports & tallies

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