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CSP Solectrifier
*Network of 5 Units illustrated (Proprietary detail not shown, Framework variable)*

Combining a highly reflective surface, a parabolic trough, and an engine system all mounted to a double pivoting frame to track the sun, the CSP Solectrifier™ collects sunlight and concentrates it on an absorber/combustor.  The energy, absorbed as heat, flashes water to steam creating high pressure.  The steam powers an engine that powers an engine-alternator that creates electricity.  When attached to the power grid, the system control unit (SCU) monitors and matches the electrical output to both the grid’s voltage and phase.  The combined efficiencies of the multi-function power conversion unit (engine) provides an overall efficiency well over 50% STE (sun-to-electric).  Standalone or networked the CSP Solectrifier™ maximizes land use while offering the lowest cost per watt available establishing a 30 yr. LCOE of under 1.5¢ / kWh.  Each CSP Solectrifier™ offsets 36 Tons of CO2 annually.

Controlled Voltage Output * Phase Locking * Sun Tracking * Self-Protecting
* Weather Aware * Environment Safe * Animal Safe * Networkable
Closed Systems * Energy Storage a * Secondary Fuel Capable b * Remote Monitored
30/60 Year Life * Consumes No Natural Resources * Self-Cleaning (future)
* Secondary Usable Heat Option

25.5 Ft. Wide x 20 Ft. Long x 20 Ft. High (Closed)

(a) High pressure air compressor; (b) Natural gas boiler; both optional


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